Sulfates or Nah?

If you’ve  taken a stroll down the shampoo aisle recently, you probably noticed several brands advertising a sulfate-free formula. These “low-poo” shampoos have seen an increase in popularity over the last decade due to the larger demand for a natural and more holistic approach to beauty. Sulfate-free shampoos use mild detergents* to remove dirt and… Continue reading Sulfates or Nah?

Beginners Guide

What’s in YOUR Moisturizer?

  I grew up in a Pink Lotion household. That Pepto colored salve was the only staple in my then non-existent hair regimen. You could not convince me that,  that “moisturizer” didn’t leave my hair shiny and nourished. I didn’t even mind the faint chemical smell it left behind; I welcomed it. I washed my… Continue reading What’s in YOUR Moisturizer?

Beginners Guide

How to Build a Healthy Hair Regimen

  Now that you’ve decided to get serious about your hair, you are probably wondering where to start. Deciphering hair types and translating forum speak into layman’s can be a bit overwhelming. There is so much information online when it comes to black hair care that you could spend months reading and learning and you’ll… Continue reading How to Build a Healthy Hair Regimen